Thursday, June 11, 2009

Michael Tearson

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Michael Tearson, who does a terrific show on Friday nights on the local Burlington College radio station, used to be a DJ at WMMR, where AOR - Album Oriented Rock was first introduced by Dave Herman(?) in the mid-60s.

I met Michael through Bill Vitka, the News Director at MMR when it was the Number 1 radio station in the country, as well as Philadelphia. I worked with Vitka on a number of stories - the biggest being the use of prisoners for testing of drugs by the Army and University of Penn professors, including Dr. Kligman, who tested dioxin.

I sat next to Michael at Vitka's wedding and got Michael to be the Master of Ceremonies at the 75th anniversary of the Flanders on the Ocean City boardwalk, when the late Robert Hazard, the Original Comets and Mike Pedicin, Sr. also performed.

When I was sitting with Tierson at Vitka's wedding, I was surprised to learn that he is a frustrated actor who wanted to be a character actor in movies and TV, with Harry Morgan (MASH) being his Hollywood idol.

His shows on BBC - the Pulse of Burlington County - always have a theme and are always great, full of nostalgia and great tunes.

Vitka moved to California where I hooked up with him in San Francisco when I was on the road with Brian in the late 70s, and then again in New York City where Bill is still working as an announcer/reporter with CBS Radio News.


michael tearson said...

Thanks for the kudos! A couple little things: first the name is TEARSON, spelled like "TEARSON the Pillow." Next I am no longer appearing on WBZC. They fired me in December 2009. BUT I have found a new platform for my "art for art's sake" radio on, a wonderful web site based in Toronto so the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act DOES NOT APPLY. That is a beautiful thing. Harmony--michael tearson

rick levy said...

Michael..Rick Levy here in Florida..ex Philly..w WAX..great 60s band..saw you last at Elec Fac 40th anniv get together. Great station..keep up good work .Coolnews. WAX is releasing soon a retrospective, Rob Hyman, Rick Chertoff..etc..discovered lost tapes..amazing sessions..remastering and just got deal w EMI thru Lightyear..gonna be a blast..if you have any recollections of the band..we would love a comment for website.
Email me at

ALSO..still making great power pop w THE LIMITS, my long time band.I emailed to RTDS our newest..I LOOK SO GOOD..a great look at gettin older in a forever young world! Check it out..

Been a real ride..manage and played with Hermans Hermits, Bo Diddley, Tommy Roe, Jay & Techniques..and many more..on and on.

Keep being the real music man.

best always
904 806 0817

Dannyboy said...

Hey Mike.
Weren't you on IOQ back in the old days?
I seem to remember your late nights there.
(Old Philly expatriot)