Sunday, June 29, 2008

White Fawn in the Bogs

Michael, a Piney hunter who has killed two white deer, who has a son named Hunter, who has also killed a white deer, says that in mid-June (2008), he was riding around Mirror Lake and at the far end, where it gets to be swamp, and the origin of Rancocus Creek, he saw what looked like a white bucket in a pond.

Getting out of his truck, as he approached it, a baby white fawn stuck its head out of the water and looked at him before wandering off into the woods.

When I said, that there's a deer for you to kill in a year or so, he replied that, "White deer are no fun to kill because they don't run away."

"Yea, that's because they're used to people all the time," I said.

So Michael is having second thoughts about killing white deer.

I also told him it's bad luck to kill a white deer and that Greg Gregory, a major hunter from Somers Point, who hunts with bow and arrow, old flintlocks and shotgun, said that after killing a white deer he went seven seasons without ever bagging another one.

Well at least we know there's one white buck out there.

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